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Start up business plan template

Start up business plan template

About the author:

My name is Becca Halls and I am professional writing consultant . I also help with writing business plan and always write my business plan . Currently I am working as a freelanced writer and editor.

What is a business plan? Business plan is set up organization of actions that should be done in order to reach the set of goals that will bring a success.

Why do we need a business plan and why is it important? We need business plan in order to understand what our goal is and what actions and resources we need to accomplish our goals. It is really important as without plan, our business may not grow and therefore will not be competitive and may bankrupt.

To create a really good business plan will take really a lot of time as you need to think about your ideas and how to implement them also a lot of efforts, however, believe me, it really does worth it, as it will be the background of your business, and if background is strong, it will be easier to develop it later.

For you to create a good business plan, we will give you detailed steps on how to do it. Just follow them and you will get what you really need.

Write your company description

Write down what company will you be in and what will your company do. Also important aspect would be writing company’s goals and objectives, the main destinations and what is important for your company. You should also write the strength of your company, what will it target in and what competitive advantages will your company have. Describe also the form of ownership.

Describe  service and product

Write your company’s product and service as well as their structure, fee and prices.

Create a marketing plan

Business plan just cannot exist without marketing plan, as it is like a basics of starting up a business. Research the marketing targets and create a database. You should be specific when writing a marketing plan, use exact sources, numbers and statistic.

Describe the economics of the business

What is the size of your business, demands in the market, potential growth of your company, trends in the market.

Identify target market

You should find gender, location and age of your potential customers in order to be oriented what resources  you need in order to provide the service/product to your customers.

Estimate your competitors

You should find out what companies will compete with you, what products do they have and what is special about them. After that you should estimate your products and services and figure out what to do in order to be better, some unique ideas that your competitors do not have.

Promote your services

Now you should think in what ways will you promote your company, and what is your budget for advertising and promotion.

Create operational plan

In this plan describe the everyday of your business, explain location, people, environment and processes. Also in details describe the control of quality, inventory, development of products, service and it’s aspects, techniques of production and it’s price.

Now when you considered all this information, think over the deadlines, when do you want to do everything and write down what exactly you need to do additionally in order to complete those goals.


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